Hair Extension FAQs

 Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our Milwaukee hair extensions clients.


How long does it take to get hair extensions?
This depends largely upon the type of extensions that you plan to receive as some methods of application will take longer than others.  Application methods can vary from tape in, clip in, and other techniques.  The amount of time can vary from an hour to three hours.

What should I do to my hair before coming to the salon to have extensions installed?
Before coming to our Milwaukee hair salon for your hair extensions, you should make sure that your hair is clean and free from any oils and build up.  Clean hair will ensure that your hair extensions stay in securely.

How do I wash my hair extensions?
Hair extensions need gentle cleansing.  If possible, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.  Shampoo gently with your head tilted backwards so that the water runs down the length of the extensions.  Use gentle motions and avoid scrubbing or rubbing your scalp harshly.  After shampooing, use a great moisturizing conditioner on your hair.  Apply the conditioner to your extensions from the mid-section to the end, avoiding the roots.  You can also use a leave-in conditioner to add an extra dose of hydration.   A leave in conditioner will help to protect your extensions and seal the hair cuticle.

How often should I brush my extensions?
Three times a day is recommended.  This will help to distribute natural oils and also reduce tangles.  Always start from the tips and work upwards, holding the roots with your other hand. You can use a special loop brush made just for extensions or a wide tooth comb.

How long will my extensions last?
Your hair extensions will last for about 8 weeks before they need to be adjusted.  As your hair grows, your hair will grow and take the hair extensions with it.   You can schedule regular maintenance appointments at our hair salon, and we will adjust your extensions and move them up closer to your scalp.

Can I use oil based products on my extensions?
No, we recommend that our hair extensions clients do not use any oil-based products on their hair.   In some cases, oil can affect the bond of your extensions, and oil-based products should be avoided.

Can I color or perm my hair after receiving extensions?
We suggest that you consult with one of the stylists at our Milwaukee hair salon  first.  Over the counter hair color or perms should never be used on your hair extensions.  Our master colorists at iLLustria Salon will be happy to make specific recommendations for the type of hair extensions that you have chosen.

Can I use hairspray or styling products on my extensions?
If you use hair spray or other styling products, try to avoid those containing alcohol. (Alcohol can be very drying to the hair.)   Limit styling products such as hair sprays, mousse and gel if possible as they can make your hair dry and can cause your hair to tangle.  Styling products can also create build up on the hair.  If this occurs, use a clarifying or chelating shampoo once or twice a month to remove build-up and residue.

Can I use a leave-in conditioner?
A leave in conditioner can be used on a daily basis and is an excellent way to give your extensions a healthy dose of moisture and protection.  Even if you do not wash your hair every day, you can still rinse your hair, lightly towel dry it, and use leave-in conditioner.

Can I swim with hair extensions?
Yes, you can enjoy time in the pool with extensions.  Just remember to wash your extensions thoroughly after swimming to remove all of the chlorine. Use a clarifying shampoo and acid balanced conditioner to cleanse the chlorine residue from your hair.

milwaukee brunette hair extensionsCan I curl and heat-style my extensions?
Yes.  Your new hair extensions from our Milwaukee hair salon can be curled and styled just like your normal hair.  If you’re using a curling or flat iron, the key is to use low heat settings and use a heat protectant spray.  You should actually be doing this on your natural hair anyway to prevent damage and breakage.  Make sure not to get the heat tool too close to the point of attachment. You can also get great curls without heat.   Just wash and moisturize the extensions and then roll the hair into Velcro Hair Curlers.  Let your hair dry, and then take out your curlers and do any necessary touch-ups and re-curls, and you’re good to go!

What is Remy hair?
Remy hair is the best hair available.  Remy hair extensions are made from high quality natural human hair that has been carefully selected to ensure that the hair cuticles are all going in the same direction from root to tip.  This allows for easy styling and less tangling.  Extensions that do not use remy hair are created from hair that has been arranged haphazardly with the cuticle on some strands of hair running in one direction while the cuticle of other strands runs in another. When this occurs, matting and tangling occurs.  It can be difficult to tell the difference in hair extension quality so it is important to choose a reputable salon in order to make sure that you are receiving top quality.  iLLustria Salon is passionate about using only the best remy hair extensions  for all of the services at our Milwaukee hair salon.

milwaukee straight hair extensionsHow often will my hair extensions need to be maintained?

We recommend that our clients return to our hair salon two weeks later for a follow-up visit after they receive their extensions for the first time.  At your appointment, we will check the extensions to make sure that they are still in excellent shape as far as attachment and care.  After your first follow-up visit, you will need to return to the salon every few months for maintenance on your extensions.  As your natural hair continues to grow, your extensions will need to be adjusted to continue to look beautiful and undetectable.

Can I go to bed with my hair wet?
You should make sure that your extensions are completely dry before going to bed at night.   If your hair is wet when you go to sleep, tangles will occur.  We suggest that you dry your hair and then put your extensions in a large, loose braid for the night.

What kind of brush should I use for my extensions?
In order to keep your extensions looking beautiful, we highly recommend using wide tooth combs and special brushes such as a loop brush created specifically for extensions.   A regular brush will not give the same type of results and inferior quality brushes can damage your extensions.  Always begin brushing your hair from the bottom, carefully working your way upward.



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