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iLLustria offers a variety of creative coloring techniques at our Milwaukee hair salon — from ombre color to balayage to dip dying.  Our stylists are advanced colorists, highly trained in cutting edge trends and fashion forward style.  We use top of the line L’Oreal hair color and incorporate the latest techniques to achieve amazing color effects. We offer a variety of vivid tones to create intense ombre effects or balayage highlights or more subtle, natural tones to create depth and dimension within the hair. Stop in today and try out one of the latest trends!

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loreal ombre color milwaukee


Ombre Color is an advanced hair color technique in which the upper portion of the hair is colored a darker color while the tips and lower sections of the hair are colored with a lighter shade that gradually blends upward into the darker tones.   It’s a favorite among celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, and Drew Barrymore and all the rage on the fashion scene this season.  Now you can have this look, too!  Our stylists at iLLustria are highly trained in the ombre technique as well as a popular twist — “reverse ombre color” in which the upper sections of the hair are light and the lower sections and ends of the hair are colored with a darker color.

The majority of women have brown hair, and this specialty color is perfect for giving life and dimension to brunettes.  Rich brown tones are accented with soft golden or hazelnut hues.  You can go from bland to spectacular in just one visit at our Milwaukee hair salon!

If you are seeking an option to cover gray, this is excellent way to go.  The color covers gray exceptionally well, while  while the highlights add incredible light and dimension.
loreal balayage milwaukee


Balayage highlighting is a favorite among celebrities and fashion models.  This is a technique that can only be achieved with the expertise of a salon professional.  With balayage, a lighter color is artistically “swept” onto the ends of the hair and carried up the strands of hair for a soft gradual lightening effect that eventually “fades” into a darker color at the top.  This is a perfect option for creating very natural looking highlights and the look of “sun-kissed” hair.   Unlike foil highlights, which create a very uniform appearance, balayage highlights can be randomly placed exactly where you want them for a look that is natural and realistic.  Balayage highlights are also less maintenance than a regular foil highlight service as they tend to blend more naturally with your hair as it grows.  The colorists at iLLustria Salon in Milwaukee are highly trained in this specialty hair color technique, and we also use lightening products that are developed with conditioning agents that leave your hair in great condition.   Additionally, many of the products used in our color services are ammonia-free, providing ultimate respect for the hair.


loreal ombre color milwaukee



Visit iLLustria Salon in Milwaukee for artistry and amazing hair color special effects!